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Full Equations Utilities (FEQUTL) Model for the Approximation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Open Channels and Control Structures During Unsteady Flow


5.13 FTABIN Command

Purpose: FTABIN is a command used to read and store function tables in FEQUTL for later access in the processing of commands. The function tables can appear in sequence following the FTABIN command. These are called local tables. This is a convenient way to enter the function tables that specify the weir coefficients and submergence factors for the EMBANKQ command (section 5.6).

Notes: The FTABIN command is terminated with a table number of -1, that is, TABLE #= -1. The other source for the function tables is in a function-table file. The file name for this file is given after a negative table number, differing from -1. The file is then opened, read, and closed in FTABIN. Once a file has been read, the next occurrence of TABLE #= in the input file for FEQUTL is read in FTABIN.

The file name for the function-table file is given after the negative table number. An example is TABLE #= -15CULVERT.TAB. In this case, a file named CULVERT.TAB is identified in the current directory with FTABIN. If this file is found, the file is opened and read to the end and then closed before the next table number in the input file is read. This mode of accessing function tables permits the convenient storage and retrieval of function tables. All references to files should be present after the local tables have been input.

The table numbers used for the tables input under FTABIN should be unique. They can be referenced by subsequent commands in the input to FEQUTL as required.

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