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Enhancements and Modifications to the Full Equations Utilities (FEQUTL) Model, March 1995 to August 1999.
Note: This document is separate from the U.S. Geological Survey report by Franz and Melching (1997). This description of enhancements and modifications to the Full Equations Utilities Model has not been approved by the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey.

New subsection for section 5.8 FEQX Command, Franz and Melching (1997b), p. 116

Section 5.8.1 SETSLOT Command


SETSLOT sets the bottom slot parameters to be used on all subsequent cross section table computations. The slot is triangular with a width of zero at its lowest point, a width of WSLOT at its highest point, a bottom elevation of ESLOT and a Manning's n of NSLOT. The slot is placed at the lowest point of the cross section. If there is more than one lowest point, SETSLOT selects the one with the maximum width.

The slot is active until a CLRSLOT command is found by FEQUTL. Thus cross sections with the same slot characteristics should have their cross section function tables computed between a SETSLOT command and a CLRSLOT command.


Variable: WSLOT
Format: 6X, F10.0
Example: WSLOT= 0.5
Gives the width of the slot at its top. The top of the slot is at or near the invert of the cross section depending on the bottom of the cross section. If the cross section has a flat bottom, than the top of the slot is at the invert. If the bottom of the cross section is not flat, that is, has a width of zero, then the width of the slot is WSLOT at the cross section invert. However, the slot walls are projected to intersect the cross section boundary so that the slot top will have a slightly greater width than WSLOT.


Variable: NSLOT
Format: 6X, F10.0
Example: NSLOT= 0.02
Gives the Manning's n for the slot. Limited experience with using bottom slots in a cross section indicates that the Manning's n should be small. If it is too large the surface curvature of the water in the slot becomes large and this causes computational problems.


Variable: ESLOT
Format: 6X, F10.0
Example: ESLOT= 20.0
Gives the elevation of the bottom of the slot. This means that all cross sections subsequent to the SETSLOT command will have the same invert when the bottom slot is added. If you want a different elevation for the invert for each cross section, you must give a SETSLOT command before each command used to compute the cross section table.

Section 5.8.2 CLRSLOT Command

The CLRSLOT command clears a bottom slot that was active so that no slot will be added to cross-section function tables computed subsequent to the CLRSLOT command. This command has no parameters.