Updates to Franz, D.D., and Melching, C.S., 1997, Approximating the hydraulic properties of open channels and control structures, during unsteady flow using the Full Equations Utility (FEQUTL) program: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report, 97-4037, 205 p.

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Note: This document is separate from the U.S. Geological Survey report by Franz and Melching (1997). This description of enhancements and modifications to the Full Equations Utilities Model has not been approved by the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey.


RELEASE INFORMATION Release notes that are distributed with the FEQUTL software. Summarizes with brief descriptions selected modifications 
implemented in FEQUTL from March 1995 to January 1999.
 Input Description Updates Section 5.1 Standard Header Block
Section 5.3 CHANRAT Command
Section 5.5 CULVERT Command
Section 5.6 EMBANKQ Command
Section 5.8 FEQX Command
 New Sections Section 1.2.3a Table Interpolation and Automatic Breakpoint Procedure
Section 4.7a Flow in Orifices
Section 5.1a AXIALPMP Command
Section 5.17a ORIFICE Command
Section 5.17b PUMPLOSS Command
Section 5.8.1 SETSLOT Command
Section 5.8.2 CLRSLOT Command
 Section Updates Section 4.2.5 Departure Reach Losses


This documentation detailing enhancements and modifications to the Full Equations Utility (FEQUTL) model has been prepared as an update to the U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Investigations Report 97-4037, Full Equations Utilities (FEQUTL) Model for the Solution of the Full, Dynamic Equations of Motion for the Approximation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Open Channels and Control Structures During Unsteady Flow (Franz and Melching, 1997). The version of FEQUTL that was documented was maintained at the state as of March 1995 during the documentation process so that the task could be completed. This update has been written in order to document the development of FEQUTL since March 1995.

Enhancements and modifications are made to FEQUTL on a continuing basis for the following reasons:

1. Correction of errors detected in the software.

2. Addition of new features to the software.

3. Enhancements or modifications to existing features of the software as suggested by experienced users.

A maintenance file, RELEASE.TXT, is distributed with the code and contains brief descriptions of the modifications made to FEQUTL, the approximate date each modification was implemented, and the version number assigned to the software as a basis for this update to the documentation report, Franz and Melching (1997). The published documentation report was prepared as a hyperlinked Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document and posted to the Internet in 1997.

This update documents and summarizes the modifications made to the software from March 1995 to January 1999. It is being distributed as an HTML document that is hyperlinked to the original documentation report. The maintenance file, RELEASE.TXT, is hyperlinked both to the original documentation report and to expanded text documenting the changes, if any, to Section 5.0-- Input Description for the Full Equations Utilities Model: Version 4.0 (Franz and Melching, 1997). Any changes made to the main text of the documentation report to describe the modifications in addition to that contained in the input description is hyperlinked to both the original documentation report and the RELEASE.TXT file.


These notes from the RELEASE.TXT file appear in an equal-spaced font because the ASCII input excerpts are more clear when presented in columns, and in some cases must always abe entered in fixed fields. RELEASE.TXT is written in a more abbreviated and informal style than the detailed updates to the FEQ documentation report, and the ASCII text style is an indication of this.

The notes have been hyperlinked to the original documentation report and to the updated input description, and other selected update sections where available.