Fish Telemetry

To monitor fish movement in selected rivers, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has installed near real-time receivers for fish tags. These receivers detect the presence of acoustic tags that have been surgically implanted into a variety of fish species. The near real-time data are recorded when detected, stored onsite, and typically retrieved by USGS offices once per hour. The tag detection data can provide information about how far fish are moving in a river system, changes in fish population distribution, and, when viewed with flow and water temperature data, how river conditions influence fish movement. USGS water flow and water temperature data are available at USGS Water Data for the Nation.

Disclaimer: USGS data on this page have not received Director's approval and as such are provisional and subject to revision. The data are released on the condition that neither the USGS nor the United States Government may be held liable for any damages resulting from their use.

Current Conditions

Station Name Date/Time Fish Tags During the Previous 24 Hours
CHICAGO SANITARY AND SHIP CANAL NR LEMONT, IL  2022-05-09 18:05:00 CST  Date/Time more than 24 hours old, fish tags not determined
CHICAGO SANITARY AND SHIP CANAL BELOW FISH BARRIER AT ROMEOVILLE, IL  2022-05-15 22:25:00 CST  A69-9001-8692, A69-9001-8699, A69-1602-65023, A69-9001-8695, A69-9001-64296
DES PLAINES RIVER ABOVE BRANDON ROAD LOCK AND DAM AT ROCKDALE, IL  2022-05-15 23:00:00 CST  A69-9001-64317, A69-9001-64226, A69-9001-64234, A69-9001-64232, A69-9001-64228, A69-9001-64314, A69-9001-64313, A69-9001-64311, A69-9001-64225, A69-9001-64251, A69-9001-64231, A69-9001-64235, A69-9001-64233, A69-9001-64282, A69-9001-64290, A69-9001-64283, A69-9001-64316, A69-1602-65034, A69-9001-64253, A69-1601-53014, A69-9001-127512
DES PLAINES RIVER BELOW BRANDON ROAD LOCK AND DAM AT ROCKDALE, IL  2022-05-15 23:15:00 CST  A69-1602-65024, A69-9001-64306, A69-9001-17348
ILLINOIS RIVER ABOVE DRESDEN ISLAND DAM NEAR MINOOKA, IL  2022-05-15 23:05:00 CST  A69-9001-8686, A69-1602-65033, A69-9001-8778, A69-1602-30673, A69-9001-12694
HANSON GRAVEL WEST PIT AT CULVERT NR MORRIS, IL  2022-05-15 23:05:00 CST  A69-1604-29163, A69-1602-65032, A69-1604-29133, A69-1601-63296, A69-1602-57978, A69-1604-29152, A69-1604-29132, A69-1602-57974, A69-1604-29155
HANSON GRAVEL EAST PIT_01 NR MORRIS, IL  2022-05-15 21:05:00 CST  A69-1601-62685, A69-1602-57967, A69-1602-57981, A69-1602-57992, A69-1602-64306, A69-1601-62674, A69-1602-57984
ILLINOIS RIVER BELOW STARVED ROCK LOCK AND DAM AT UTICA, IL  Temporarily removed  Temporarily removed
MISSISSIPPI R AT CREDIT ISLAND NEAR DAVENPORT, IA  No data  No data within two weeks of 2022-05-16
BIG TIMBER BACKWATER (P17) NEAR PORT LOUISA, IA  2022-05-15 23:55:00 CDT  A69-9001-58693, A69-9001-58642, A69-1602-55664, A69-9001-58626, A69-9001-6515, A69-9001-58535, A69-9001-58689, A69-9001-12457, A69-9001-20694, A69-9001-58667, A69-9001-17469, A69-9001-58619, A69-9001-17480, A69-1602-18666, A69-9001-58696, A69-9001-58660
ELIZA CREEK AT BOSTON BAY (P18) AT NEW BOSTON, IL  Removed for winter  Removed for winter
SANDUSKY RIVER AT BRADYS ISLAND AT FREMONT, OH  2022-05-15 23:05:00 CST  A69-1601-63158, A69-1601-52758, A69-1604-30401, A69-1601-62014, A69-1602-23245, A69-1601-63139, A69-1604-32696, A69-1601-63590, A69-1601-62050, A69-1601-62257, A69-1602-23204, A69-1601-63077, A69-1601-63150, A69-1601-63596, A69-1601-63154, A69-1601-63135, A69-1604-32711, A69-1602-23253, A69-1604-32719, A69-1601-63204, A69-1601-63208, A69-1604-30411, A69-1602-23314
SANDUSKY RIVER AT OTTAWA SHOOTING CLUB NR WIGHTMANS GROVE, OH  2022-05-16 00:00:00 EST  A69-1601-62125, A69-1601-62142, A69-1601-62095, A69-1601-62086, A69-9001-9891, A69-1604-32741
MAUMEE RIVER (RIGHT BANK) AT PERRYSBURG, OH  Removed for winter  Removed for winter
MAUMEE BAY NR TOLEDO, OH  No data  No data within two weeks of 2022-05-16

time zone conversions: CST = UTC - 6; CDT = UTC - 5; EST = UTC - 5; EDT = UTC - 4

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